Hairlucinations Hair Replacement Systems are a quality, affordable option which is reliable, versatile, and enduring. Below are some answers to some potential FAQs you may have prior to contact with us.

How do I look after my hair replacement system?

At your fitting appointment, we’ll provide a complete maintenance pack for your wig care. It includes a step-by-step instruction sheet for easy home care. The pack contains essential items like shampoo, conditioner, and finishing products to keep your wig looking fabulous. You’ll also receive a specialised brush and wig stand to effortlessly maintain your wig’s shape and style.

Can my human hair system be coloured and styled?

Adding darker tones to your piece is possible, but we strongly advise against lightening it as it may compromise its integrity. For detailed guidance on colouring options, please visit our website page.

Are there systems for men and women?

Yes, we have Hair Replacement Systems to suit men, women and children.

Can I replace my maintenance pack?

Absolutely! You can replace your maintenance pack directly through Hairlucinations Hair Salon.

Is there a choice of styles to try?

Visit our salon to freely experience a wide range of our products. Trying them on is complimentary, helping you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Do I need a wig cap?

Our ladies’ systems come with an optional feature that offers versatility for various purposes. You can use it as a protective barrier for your scalp or to securely wrap up your existing hair, depending on your specific preferences and needs.

Human hair is quite expensive, how long will it last?

Human hair pieces offer remarkable longevity, lasting 12-18 months with proper care. The higher price reflects the meticulous 80-hour hand-tied craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. For more information on human hair, visit HERE

Do you have finance options?

Yes, please ask for details

Can I bring family/friends for a 2nd opinion?

Yes, of course!

What is the digital image screen system?

This innovative digital system enables us to model various hair styles and systems in a visual format that will help you select the best option.

Do you accept NHS and other referrals?

Yes, we actively work with the NHS, and charities such as Macmillan.

Why has my fibre wig has gone frizzy?

Friction frizz is common in wigs and can’t be fully avoided. To extend your wig’s lifespan, trim affected areas and address the frizz. If it becomes significant, it may be time for a new wig. Fiber wigs generally last 9 to 12 months, varying based on length.


From custom made hair pieces to the leading hair replacement brands, we provide every option available to suit you.
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