Hair Treatment & Care
Treat your look

At Hairlucinations the best way to care for your hair is something we take very seriously. This can make or break the daily look of your hair. We look at using the correct after care on your colour as a form of insurance on the investment of your new colour and encourage all our clients to use our recommended products (because they work!)

All our team can help you choose the best combination of after care products for your individual needs. For example using the correct products with their advanced smart technology will reduce colour fade, can revitalise curl, calm scalp irritations, add moisture / strengthen / shine / smooth / control / add weight, body / protection against UV and more.

Regular professional in salon treatments with Intra-Cylane & keratin concentrate can leave hair up to 12 x stronger. This is essential to maintaining life in your hair. Shampoo, conditioner and creams of the same ranges are available to continue treatments at home. Ceramide, keratin and Intra-Cylane are used in all our professional products in concentrated amounts. You may have seen or heard this word in magazines and on television. These advertised products usually have very little amounts of these ingredients which is reflected in the price.

The choice of finishing products are vast. We only use and recommend what we like. These products we use on you when we are creating or finishing your look.