Hair Texturizing & Straightening
Texture your look

Changing the texture "adding or removing curl" is a very technically demanding business. The chemicals involved need to be treated with great respect. These can be some of the most rewarding and dramatic changes you can make to your look. At Hairlucinations the technical know-how to create beautiful curls for support, to smooth and control frizzy curls or completely straighten hair to compliment your look is a specialised skill. We hope the following guide will explain more about these specialised chemical services.

Covered below are some essentials:

Texture your look: Chemical curls with support

Hair in its natural state can be dull, limp and have little volume. A good hair-cut with the addition of colour can help tremendously but some times this just isn't enough! A support curl will give added volume and texture to your look. In addition to this, chemically produced curls on longer hair can create dynamic shapes. Modern chemically produced curls and wave formations are achieved with many different techniques depending on the look required.

This is achieved by the using rods of different diameter size depending on desired support or curl required. The hair is rapped around curl rods in the direction and movement of the look to create support were needed.
This is usually on longer hair. The use of sponge rods in a brick wall like formation produces a softer wave effect.

Smooth your look: Chemical smoothing system

Natural hair can be fizzy, dry, dull and unruly with lots of volume. These clients often spend hours every day trying to tame and transform this type of hair to produce well- behaved curls or completely straight and usually without shine. Modern chemical smoothing systems in the hand of a professional can transform this type of hair beyond belief by smoothing your look. These services produced the most welcoming responses from clients with amazing results.

Cold Smoothing:
Used to control unruly hair. This is a system of several different chemicals applied in sequence and combed through at timed intervals. No heat is required.
Heat Straightening:
This is a similar procedure but with the addition of heat. At particular stages the use of ceramic plates provides the heat necessary to achieve straighter results with added shine.

Your textured look: Frequently asked questions

How long will my Textured look last?
The chemical process of re-forming the shape of your hair is permanent. However during the first 48 hours after processing the newly formed shape is fragile. This time is needed to complete the neutralisation process. Washing or stretching of the delicate hair at this time will cause problems. The daily maintenance of your Textured look is essential. Incorrect Heavy shampoos, conditioners and overworking the curl will dramatically effect how long it lasts.

Can I colour my hair after this chemical process?
The answer is (yes) but usually after sufficient neutralisation time has passed, (48 hours). Remember only a professionally executed colour will maintain the new shape of your hair. Please ask for individual advice because all circumstances are different.

Can I chemically texture my hair when I'm pregnant?
(Yes you can) At the moment there is no scientific evidence to prove that to chemically texture your hair whilst pregnant is not suitable. It can be a problem at the latter stages of pregnancy where insufficient results can occur. Adjustments can be made when in the hands of a professional technician and the correct measures can be taken to avoid this.

Can I chemically texture my hair when on prescribed drugs or treatments?
Unfortunately some long term prescribed drugs or treatments can effect the natural structure of the hair. This can impair the longevity of a textured curl. In the hands of a professional this can be counter balanced by method change. Always inform the technician of these circumstances. Thankfully this is rare.