Hair Cutting/STYLING
A good haircut is absolutely vital in producing the desired look. A hair cut is a very personal service. Every head is different.

Every client is unique. At Hairlucinations we actively encourage all our team to develop their own individual identity in the way in which they cut hair. Unlike the big national chains, we do not have a catalogue of pre-defined looks. Our cutting team has an exceptionally high level of expertise in all the technical aspects and artistry in creating your look.

Covered below:
  • The basic essentials of a good hair look
  • Choosing a suitable look
  • Maintaining your look

The basic essentials of a good hair look

An experienced stylist will take into account, the shape of your face, the balance between your features, the colour and texture of your hair. Then advise on a look that would compliment and improve rather than just make-do.

Scissors or Blades, Razors and Clippers are used by good stylists to cut, texture and add or remove volume to hair to create your look. We can create a look that allows texture, softness, choppy, smooth, blunt, spiky and even volume and density.

Choosing a suitable look

Some of us can remember the hair styles of the 70’s and 80’s when everyone wore the latest hair cut. They were worn like hats, everyone had the same hat whether it suited them or not. Today, 21st century individuality allows both stylists and clients together to create a look that is personalized, current and wearable. Some body and facial features require careful consideration.

Haircut Considerations:

Prominent nose:
Can be disguised with hair softened onto the face and sides.
Short Neck:
Needs graduation that adds width to the top of the head and narrow at the bottom to extend the neck
Long Face:
Needs width with waves bossibly or a short choppy effect can work Fashion and trends are now a lot more inclusive and broad! There is always a look to suit you, your face, hair and lifestyle.

Maintaining your look

Providing the colour, texture and created look that suits you and your lifestyle should be maintainable at home. As you know for those special occasions or weekly treat. Relaxing and have a professional stylist maintain your hair is an affordable luxury in our salon.

We keep the price of our blow-drys etc low because we believe in looking after your investment in your hair. All products used in the salon are of the highest quality view our products by clicking here. Salon maintenance ensures the best results from your look.

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