Hair Colour
Colour your look

A well thought out professionally executed colour will individualize and bring your look alive! At Hairlucinations the art of hair colour is a very personal and creative service.

We train all our team to a high level of colour expertise. We have two dedicated colour technicians that understand the science of colour matching and the skill's of when choosing a colour how best to compliment and contrast. All our team (and you) are encouraged to explore together seasonal colours and techniques that will most suit your look.

Covered below are some colour essentials:

Colour your look: Colour change and re-growth

Girls have realised for hundreds of years that feeling good starts with looking your best. Make a little effort, spend some money on yourself and get a confidence boost! Spending as little as 30 minutes in the hands of professional Colourist can make an amazing difference. Then a quick finish with a stylist and leave the salon feeling like a million dollars. This will give your ego a well earned boost.

Guys have realised that a weekly bath and a dab of cheap aftershave is a thing of the past. Men are now comfortable with colour and will " go that extra mile " when trying to find a partner or keep the one they've got. The best reason in the world for investing in professional colour services is doing it for the most important person of all YOU.

What can colour do for your look
  • Thicken your look
  • Break up a textured look
  • Enhance your look
  • Add richness to a natural look
  • Keeping a vibrant young look
  • Change and enhance your personal look
  • Try something new on your fashion look
  • Cover unwanted grey hair in your look

A complete change of colour can produce dramatic and stunning results. Colour can be used to enliven your natural shade with better colour depth and shine or may be used to simply cover grey hair. Permanent or not so permanent colour depending on effect, is applied on small sections to the root. This will ensure an even and extensive coverage to achieve perfect results. Our extensive colour charts offer a massive choice of shades (depth of colour, dark to light) and tone (balance of colour).

Colour re-growth is a top up of your full-head colour previously applied. Not only does it cover natural colour new growth, but it also adds renewed colour, depth, shine and great condition to Your coloured look.

Define your look: The how and why

Foils are an essential and creative precision tool used by highly skilled colour technicians. Gone are the days of blocked highlights pulled through a rubber cap and one colour all over. Each foil is individually placed, with varying degrees of width and volume, close to the scalp.

The high level of colour science allows the technician to use an enormous range of multiple tones and shades to create something very individual and unique to defined your look. This will carefully accentuate your created look.

We offer many different foil services:

Sample Foils:
Up to 6 permanent foils which are great for a tester of a new colour or for adding a colour accent to a limited area like a fringe or a parting. They can be woven or sliced, dramatic or subtle depending on what kind of effect and look you require. A few well placed foils can also brighten existing colour whether natural or tinted.
Partial Foils:
For a more widespread distribution of colour. Versatile foils can be woven or sliced randomly to Define your look (When a sample is just not enough!)
Full Foils:
For a complete head of artistically placed foils with Possible varying of intensity and colour. They can be woven or sliced depending on what kind of effect your look requires. This can look natural or bold with as many colours and tones as you like. To create naturalness or to be as big as your imagination. Fashion and trends are now a lot more inclusive and broad! There is always a look to suit you, your face, hair and lifestyle.

Play your look: Fashion techniques

Hair colour, technology and techniques have been revolutionised over the last 5 years. Below are just some of the methods we employ to create beautiful colour transformations.

We offer many different fashion colour services:

Balayage is the French word for “to sweep”. This colour technique is highly skilled and best done in salon. We are able to bespoke this technique to your hair colour, lengths and texture. It is what we call a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using professional tools. It refers to the process of sweeping colour through the hair using a paddle. Balayage is a modern, skilled technique that gives our colour technicians more freedom to place colour where it will fit the best, unlike foils. Foils or Highlights will give a uniform finish with more defined strands than a balayage. A balayage will grow out beautifully and very naturally so you don’t get a clear regrowth line. Price by quotation.


Ombré is a popular look defined by hair that is dark at the root and blends into a lighter and lighter shade as it gets to the ends. To achieve this stark dark-to-light dip-dyed look. Our colour technicians will use the balayage or hair painting technique. Price by quotation.


Colormelt is when a couple colors are melted together, creating that seamless darker-root-to-lighter-end finish. This is a difficult process for most and time is needed. This is mainly used on someone who comes in with lighter hair color and wants that darker root to be added on, blending it into the light. One or several colours can be used depending upon effect required. Price by quotation.


Colour correct your look: Complexities

This is where highly skilled professional dedicated colour technicians are worth their weight in gold!

Changing the colour of your look is often not as simple as applying a new shade over the top. If your hair has been coloured before you could have different shades towards the ends due to the effects of sun lightening or frequent shampooing. It is likely you have a root re-growth in your natural shade and there could be a build-up of colour on the mid-lengths that is to dark. A change of colour to your look under these circumstances means dealing with each part of the hair individually, using different shades and tones on each area.

Fixing colour imbalances or shade problems to your look can be as simple as correcting foils that are discoloured or removing ugly dark bands where tint has been over-applied too many times. These kind of corrections are dealt with every day by our technicians in salon.

Dealing with colour disasters to your look is a speciality of Hairlucinations colour team. Often these complex problems will require stripping unwanted colour from some arrears whilst adding colour or tone to others. Our technicians will analyse every part of your hair to determine the precise mix of tone and shade to restore the required overall colour.

If you have a colour disaster (DO NOT PANIC) we have the skill and expertise to deal with it!